In 2018’s nonstop news cycle, here’s what headlines broke through in Morning Consult surveys. Morning Consult was in the field nearly every week in 2018, asking roughly 100,000 registered voters over the course of the year how much they’d seen, read or heard about more than 130 current events. 

This interactive microsite visualizes the data of voters that heard “a lot” about 72 of the events we thought were noteworthy, and how the news penetrated along party lines. Users can filter between all voters, Democrats, and Republicans and upon hovering over the dots, the correlating numbers appear for an in-depth dive into the data.

See the site: Seen, Read, Heard

Creative Director: Lillian Ling
Developer: Marley Bross
Reporters: Joanna Piacenza, Cameron Easley, Eli Yokely
Client: Morning Consult​​​​​​​

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